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Fri 23 Feb 2018  

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Tips For Making Your Patchwork Project 1

Tips For Making Your Patchwork Project  1

It is a good idea not to be too ambitious if this is your first patchwork project. Apart from being daunting if you are faced with an enormous heap of fabric to prepare and piece, it is also cheaper and easier to make a wall hanging, cushion or lap quilt than a king size bed quilt.

A popular project is to make a child’s quilt. This does not have to be for a bed – it may be a smaller lap quilt that can be used as a comforter or general play mat. Children enjoy and respond to colour and shapes. In our Novelty fabric category there is plenty to choose from. Be bold – children thrive on primary colours.

Plan you project before you start. Think about your colours and if the end product is for you, is it going to co-ordinate with your existing decor? If you are making a patchwork as a gift, will the colours work for the recipient?

Try and work with colours you like. If you are comfortable with the colours, you should enjoy sewing with them. Colours have an effect on mood and if a colour makes you happy, this is the colour to work with.

If you are planning a new project it is sensible, and saves a great deal of heartache later on, for you to purchase sufficient fabric to make your project. Craft fabric designs are an ever-changing range and there can be no guarantee that six months down the line the same designs will be available.

Cotton craft fabric is easy to use and being all cotton – a natural fibre – it is far more forgiving than a synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabrics can be far tougher to sew and may show every little wrinkle compared with natural fabric.

When you choose your first patchwork design – try to keep the shapes reasonably simple. The key to patchwork success is to cut accurately and stitch accurately. Following both these maxims makes patchwork far more fun. If you get one wrong it is a problem. If both are wrong, you may find your project a bit difficult!

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