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Fri 23 Feb 2018  


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Preparing Fabric For Patchwork

There are two schools of thought about preparing cotton fabric for patchwork. Many people do not like to spoil to crispness of a fresh piece of fabric and want to use it as it is purchased.

Others prefer to wash it to remove any natural shrinkage and also to remove any loose dye there may be remaining.

It seems such a shame to risk spoiling a project which has taken a lot of time and effort by not preparing the fabrics at the start. If a quilt is never going to be washed then the former option is fine. But if a quilt is to laundered when in use then it makes sense to prepare the fabrics accordingly.

Sort your fabrics into different colours and depths of colour. They can be placed separately in hot water for a few minutes to see if there is any loose dye before washing in a batch of similar fabric. Before a fabric is safe it should be rinsed until the water runs clear. Fabrics can then be washed to remove the natural shrinkage.

Use spray starch to restore crispness if this is desired.

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