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Fri 23 Feb 2018  


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Joining Backing

Joining Backing Fabric

If you are trying to find a special print for the backing of a larger quilt it can be difficult to get exactly the fabric you want in a width to suit.

The solution is simple - use the standard cotton fabric of approximately 44 inches or 112cm wide but join it in such a way as to not draw attention to the fact that it is pieced.

For example if your quilt needs a backing fabric width of approximately 76 inches, do not be tempted to join the lengths side by side. The eye is automatically drawn to the centre of any sewing and to have a seam featured right down the middle is not a good idea. Be clever and move the joins away from the centre. You would be using two widths of fabric for this backing. Keep one of these complete to go down the centre and split the other in half giving two complete lengths of half width. Now join one half to each side of the central length giving the same area of fabric but far more pleasing on the eye. Yes you have two seams instead of one but the result is better.

For larger quilts simply follow the same idea and avoid a seam down the centre of any backing.

Tip - remember to stitch all the long seams in the same direction.

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