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Fri 23 Feb 2018  


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Nine Patch Block

Nine Patch Block - for Patchwork

This very easy block can be made with just two different fabrics.

Select two fabrics that look attractive together.

Cut 5 squares of cotton patchwork fabric at 4.5 inches in one colour of your choice.

Cut 4 squares of cotton patchwork fabric at 4.5 inches in the second colour of your choice.

Seams allowances should be an exact quarter of an inch.

In this example join in 3 strips in the following sequence:

Strip 1 - Green to yellow to green

Strip 2 - Yellow to green to yellow

Strip 3 - Green to yellow to green

Now press the seam allowances on strips 1 and 3 in the same direction.
On strip 2 press the seam allowances in the other direction.

Very carefully pin the matching seams together as follows with pins at rightangles to the seam you are forming. The aim is to match the seams exactly. Join strip 2 to the bottom of strip 1 and join strip 3 to the bottom of strip 2. Notice that the bulk of your seam allowances is split equally as the seams have been pressed in opposite directions and therefore lock in well together for joining.

This will give you a block of 12 inches square with a quarter of an inch seam allowance around the edge for joining to another block so the finished block will be 12 inches square.

You can continue by making similar blocks and vary the design and number of colours within the 9 patch block. Make a few blocks and join them together to make a small patchwork quilt.

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